About Us

Phyto Biznet Sdn Bhd (PBSB) was founded with the vision of providing wellness solutions for healthy living. Since its inception on the 30th April 2004, its existence was to capitalize on the emerging innovative market of the wellness industry. The focus is on producing a highly market driven bioproducts through R&D in collaboration with local and international universities. In 2011, Phyto Biznet Sdn Bhd has been selected as one of the Anchor Companies by theMinistry of Agriculture (MOA) for the NKEA Agriculture: Herbs Sub Sector for high value herbal products. Two of its products are Antiageing Regenerating Serum from Labisia pumila and Whitening Rejuvenating Serum from Ficus deltoidea is being promoted until the clinical trial stage for Asian and European market.

Malaysia, known for its abundance of natural resources such as agriculture, flora, fauna and herbs are the key factors for homegrown Research Institutes to elevate its research and development activities. The initiative must be completed right up to commercialization of high quality, beneficial and natural wellness bioproducts that have gone through stringent processes. Phyto Biznet Sdn Bhd at present, positions itself by constituting strategic alliances with Research Institutes by leveraging on its expertise, technology and inputs on the scientific data that gives an added value and niche to the bio-products it has to market for its consumers.

Phyto Biznet Sdn Bhd also offers a complete value chain of services to its clients in the area of contract manufacturing of natural raw materials, consultancy on bio-product formulation and development, consultancy on bio-product registration, consultancy on product design and packaging and finally disseminating knowledge through lifelong learning courses in the area of wellness industry, holistic therapy, herbal processing and biotechnology in collaboration with the Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD), UTM. Phyto Biznet Sdn Bhd also has its own virgin coconut oil manufacturing facility located at UTM-MTDC Technovation Park. Bakawali SPA is one of the new franchise projects with the support from KPDNKK and PNS for disseminating the Malay SPA concept throughout Malaysia and overseas. It functions as a wellness therapy centre with adhering Malay traditional concept and elements such as the Traditional Malay Post Natal Massage.

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