Institute of Bioproduct Development, UTM

Institute of Bioproduct Development or IBD is the Centre of Excellence in UTM focussing on the development of biobased products using natural resources. It was established since 1998 and it is strategically located at the fastest growing bioeconomy corridor, Iskandar Malaysia makes IBD surrounded by the biotechnology based industry particularly from AgBio Industry, BioMedical and BioIndustrial.

With the mission of developing market driven bioproducts using sustainable technology for nation’s wealth creation, IBD operates its platform technology; bioprocess and herbal processing. The platform technology serves the need and filling the industrial gaps for scaling up process and commercialisation. IBD serves Malaysia and four of IBD’s laboratory is BioNexus Partners Laboratory. Those labs are herbal processing lab, bioprocess engineering lab, metabolic profiling lab and biofertilizer lab. IBD is also part of Steinbeis Transfer Centre Network initiate by the Malaysian Innovation Agency (AIM).

IBD has commercialised and licensed more than 40 biobased products which have been marketed to local and international market, even some of the products being tested for clinical trials. IBD work based on the model of spin off and licensing for the commercialization activities. Products are being developed according to the research focus established in IBD such as; Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Herbal Supplements, Biofertilizers and Biopesticides. IBD has won numerous awards at the national and international level for product innovation and awards for its collaborative works with the biotechnology based industry.

To fill up the knowledge and technology gap faced by the biotechnology industry, IBD has position itself as the training provider for the specific areas in the wellness sector, bioprocess engineering and herbal development. IBD has trained more than 5000 personnel/SME’s from local and international such as participants from Organisation of Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the Hague, Netherlands.

IBD was designed to produce innovative products and inventions for the economic growth of the nation inclusively. IBD pledged to serve the industry and community with the best service and quality by our highly motivated and experienced personnel. Our postgraduates are given conducive working environment to produce high impact publications. IBD work synergically with agencies such as BIOTECHCORP, HERBAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICE (MOA), MARA (KKLW), HRDF, MARDI, SIRIM, FRIM and many more.

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