Info about payment

Is it safe to pay online?

When you pay online, your transaction occurs over a secure Internet connection, and your information is encrypted. The secure connection protect your transaction, from the instant you enter your personal information to receive payment confirmation. Transactions are transmitted using one of the strongest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols available. Your confidential information is encrypted so that it cannot be altered or embellished during transmission.

Be sure your browser has the most up-to-date encryption capabilities by using the latest version available from the manufacturer. You also can download some browsers for free over the Internet. When submitting your purchase information, look for the “lock” icon on the browser’s status bar, and the phrase “https” in the URL address for a website, to be sure your information is secure during transmission.

What are the payment options we offer?

*We are unable to accept payment by Credit Card. 

MolPay is our service provider for our payment gateway. Our e-commerce platform support payment from major bank in Malaysia via Onlline Banking or Debit Card.

Facebook Connect Policy?

We respect your privacy as defined under Facebook Connect policy. You can read Facebook Connect policy here.

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